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CUSTOM AR-15 RIFLES & PISTOLS 602-272-2654

Built to Aerospace precision tolerances. Custom built for your ultimate firearm or choose from our many standard models. Stop by and tour our manufacturer’s facility and store front at 3330 W. Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ., 85017.

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Layke Tactical/ Layke Incorporated, an American Manufacturer, has been in business since 1955; Specializing in Medium to Complex Aerospace, Missile, and Ordnance Machining. We have 30 Employees, 20,000 sq. ft. facility,  eight CNC Turning Centers, nine 4 & 5 axis Milling Centers, and two 11 pallet Horizontal Milling Centers. Our management team has over 175 years combined experience in aerospace machining. We furnish solution based Engineering, Programming, and Manufacturing to assist your company in your most difficult and unique projects.   



Layke Tactical is proudly a LIFE TIME member of the following organizations


Reliability:  "The ability to be relied on or depended on, as for accuracy, honesty, or achievement."

That's Layke Tactical!  Backed by our Life Time Warranty.

It's old fashioned,  we do what we say we're going to do. Plain and simple.



Layke has invested tremendous time, talent, and money into our tactical product line. Our standards are very high and we will not release until we meet those standards. We are known in complex aerospace/ missile industry for the highest quality products, and we produce our firearms with the same  quality standard. 

"Layke Tactical/ Layke Incorporated, Either One, Stands for Quality"


Layke Tactical LLC. We innovate. We deliver


Our Mission.

We are committed to Precision Machining Excellence in the manufacture of Layke Tactical Firearms and Components.

We are committed to exceeding expectations of our customers; challenging competition worldwide; continuous improvement off our processes through Innovation, Technology, and Developing our greatest asset, 

"Our People".

With determination, pride, and uncompromising quality; we are driven to support precision  machining in America, for Americans. 

Our Story.

Layke Inc., having a 62 year history of machining precision components for the Aerospace and Missile Industries, challenged our Design Engineers to develop "Aerospace Brand" Tactical Components & Custom Rifles. These products are machined and assembled by the same Journeyman Machinists manufacturing components currently in flight, space travel, or supporting our military. Even with a 62 year history, some things remain unchanged. At Layke, our dedication to doing the best machine work in the world has and will always be "Our Commitment to Our Customers".

In addition to the components we manufacture, we assemble our firearms using only the highest quality US made parts in the industry.  

Layke Tactical will continually advance our skills to furnish you, our customer, with the same craftsmanship in Tactical Products that we and our employees of over 450 years combined Aerospace Precision experience can provide.